Proposed Regulation Changes- Statement

Coastal Conservation Association Georgia.

At the present time the GA DNR is seeking comment on their proposed regulation changes to Red Drum creel limits. Visit here for article!

These changes are the result of a recent survey conducted by the GA-DNR of recreational anglers and saltwater fishing guides. Although the rule change is precautionary, in surveys, the majority 77% of recreational anglers and guides have been in favor of the revised rules. In an effort to protect the resource now and for future generations CCA Georgia believes the DNR’s estimated 11% reduction in red drum harvest is in the best interest of Georgia’s red drum fishery and Georgia’s recreational anglers.

However, it’s important that you make your thoughts on this issue known by providing your comments directly to the Ga DNR website as follows:


In addition, it’s equally important to let your state representative know how you feel by submitting your comments to the appropriate contact as follows: