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Banquet Chair –  Tom Rood
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Kids Fishing Program Chair – Tom Rood
State Bd-Mgmt Committee Chair – John Duren
Rep. to Fishery Management Subcommittee  – Hal Evans
Fish Stocking- Dave Devore
Lagoon Structures- Hal Evans
Volunteers- Chuck Smith
TLA/Lagoon Liaison- Sean Burgess
Lagoon Guides and Hats-Chuck Smith
St. Conserv. Habitat Committee- Joe Tyson
Chapter Communications- Linda McCusker
Marina Committee Laiaison w/ CCA-(open)
Unauthorized Lagoon Fishing- Jack Schwind

Recent News

CCA Annual Fish Stocking

Amber Capps –

Executive Assistant to the Public Works Director

Fishing in our lagoon system has undoubtedly become increasingly popular over the last several years and even more so during these quarantine times! The Skidaway Island Chapter of Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) volunteers have been a long-time partner of the Association who generously provide their time, expertise and donations towards lagoon programs, events, and projects.  Over the years, CCA has raised $400,000 in donations which has attributed to the growing number of residents who fish in the Landings’ lagoons. 

Fish stocking is one of the annual programs that CCA volunteers participate in and fund which typically occurs in the spring or early summer when water temperatures are cooler and fewer predators such as otters and cormorants frequent the lagoons.  Last month, a total of 5,500 3-4-inch blue gills were stocked in the following lagoons: 14, 22, 26, 66, 106 and 149. 

Prior to the selection of lagoons for the fish stocking program, the following programs are completed to collect the appropriate data for stocking:

  • Juvenile Seining – Nets are used to sample species of fish in each lagoon to determine how many young fish are present. This process also helps determine if the lagoon is experiencing the appropriate level of natural reproduction.
  • Electrofishing – Electrofishing sends a weak electrical current through the lagoon water that temporarily stuns the fish. The fish are then collected, identified by species, weighed and measured. This information is then used to determine the relative weights of the fish, identify predator/prey relationships in the lagoons and determine the overall fishery health of the lagoons. Side note: at no point during this process are the fish harmed in any way.

CCA and TLA staff also closely monitor fish kills in our lagoon system and lagoons that have experienced fish kills are stocked at a higher rate.

Over the last three years, CCA volunteer and resident, Jeff Wong, has generously funded the fish stocking program.  Mr. Wong is also a local business owner of The Omelette House chain (which is now open!), who enjoys catch and release fishing in our lagoon system.  Since Mr. Wong’s involvement with CCA, he has conducted a blessing over the fish to “keep them healthy and promote a long lifespan”.  We are so appreciative to Mr. Wong for his continued support of our fishery management programs! 

To find out more about the CCA Skidaway Chapter or to volunteer to help with local fishery management projects/programs and/or make a tax deductible donation, call or e-mail Dave Devore: (912) 598-9423 or