GADNR Board Approves Minimum-Size Regulation Increase for Spotted Seatrout

Brunswick, GA (December 16, 2015) – Georgia Department of Natural Resources Commissioner, Mark Williams has announced that during the October 2015 meeting, the Board of Natural Resources approved an increase in the minimum-size limit for spotted seatrout from 13 inches to 14 inches, total length with an effective date of January 1, 2016. The vote was taken after considering public comment provided through two public hearings and email.   In 2012, the Finfish Advisory Panel (FAP) was created to advise DNR on saltwater finfish management. Membership includes a commercial fisherman, saltwater fishing guides and anglers from the coastal area and inland. The FAP members met with DNR staff over the past three years learning about the biology, population trends, and management goals for spotted seatrout.   A majority of the FAP members, in concurrence with DNR staff, recommended that the Board of Natural Resources consider changing Georgia’s saltwater fishing regulations to increase the spotted seatrout minimum size.   Each year, thousands of anglers take to Georgia’s coastal waters in search of spotted seatrout, or speckled trout as they are known to many. The popularity of the species stems from its tenacious fight when hooked, superb quality as table fare, and accessibility to anglers fishing from shore and boat. However, this popularity makes the species vulnerable to overharvest so there are harvest regulations for spotted seatrout to ensure that adequate numbers of juvenile fish, especially females, reach adulthood and spawn at the level necessary to perpetuate the species. Each year, Georgia Department of Natural Resources biologists monitor spotted seatrout populations through surveys of angler catches and direct sampling with specialized nets to provide a solid foundation of science-based information on the status of the species.   More information on the spotted seatrout minimum-size change regulation is available on the DNR web site at:

CCA Georgia Mission

Coastal Conservation Association Georgia (CCA GA) is a non-profit, grassroots organization dedicated to the conservation, promotion and enhancement of Georgia’s marine resources. CCA GA’s strength is drawn from the thousands of recreational saltwater anglers that make up its membership.

Please feel free to browse our web site. Take a look at our photo album! Join CCA GA and be directly involved in shaping the important issues that keep our costal resources strong, safe and vibrant. Your membership helps us continue to be an active and vital part of the community. Some of our recent projects include…

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CCA Georgia Supports Seatrout Regulation Change

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is holding hearings regarding a proposal to change the minimum possession size for spotted seatrout from 13 inches to 14 inches.  The attached announcement from DNR explains the proposed change.
CCAGA supports this proposed rule change.  Along with our support however is a strong request that the Georgia DNR continue to monitor the abundance of seatrout in Georgia waters so the effect of this rule change may be measured in the next few years.  The Coastal Resources Division of DNR has conducted a Sportfish Population Health Assessment each year for a number of years.  This information plus other abundance data exist so baseline data is available which can be compared with future fish abundance measures.  It is CCAGA’s position that continued regular stock assessment for seatrout is essential for proper management of this resource.

Atlanta Chapter 2015 Banquet – Thursday August 27, 2015

Atlanta Chapter to Hold Banquet at Sweetwater Brewery on Thursday, August 27, 2015.

This year’s banquet will be held on Thursday, August 27th at the Sweetwater Brewery. Catering will be provided by Smoke Ring, known throughout the Atlanta area for serving some of the best BBQ in Georgia. Of course, the beer will be provided by the Sweetwater Brewery, and it’s a bottomless cup!

We are limiting our capacity to 190 people, and we expect to sell out, so by your tickets early! Buy a corporate table by calling the State Office at 912-927-0280. We are not selling single and couple tickets this year.

For photos of previous banquets, visit the photo gallery.

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